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The following is a partial list of projects for DMFSC

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Knox Box Bottom of Diamond Mountain Road

Installed a Knox Box with emergency personal and property information by owner or resident who participated.

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Diamond Mountain Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Completed CWPP partnering with

Pepperwood Preserve, and NCFF

Paint Fire Hydrants Red

Jerry's New Hydrant Sign.jpg

Dixon Valve HA4525F Brass Fire Equipment, Hydrant Adapter with Pin Lug, 4-1/2" NST (NH) Female x 2-1/2" NST (NH) Male

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Get your Napa County Fire Department Compliant Street Signs
Cal Fire Compliant Street Sign.jpg

College Ace Hardware

15 Angwin Ave, Angwin, CA 94508

(707) 965-7537

Grant Money

Encourage NCFF to write promised grants to fund important projects.

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Shaded Fuel Breaks

Create Shaded Fuel Breaks along both sides of Roads for Emergency Evacuation.

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