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Catch the Community Fire Meeting on 9/13

Message from Elaine Honig at NCFF:

1. We’re putting together a big Community Meeting via Zoom, webinar style, that will be on 9/13 from 6 - 7. Eden is working on the promotional write up, and we’ll send out an invite to our entire mailing list in the next week or so. If you’re curious, the rough draft of the content in below. If you have suggestions, ideas, questions, please send them my way.

2. We got an AMAZING article in the Financial Times about the work and organization. The follow Steve Burgess around in the field, and quote Mike Wilson, and talk about the importance of funding the work. It’s a great read! I’ve attached 2 versions of the same article, and the font in one of them is easier to read. Please share far and wide.

Wildfire season_ How to stop California burning _ Financial Times
Download PDF • 4.61MB

Community Meeting Rough Content

Fire and NCFF

  • JC - How’d we get here with fire? Climate change, drought, tree diseases, living in the WUI, fire suppression, etc.

  • Mike - Who’s the NCFF and what are we doing? (share maps of work done and work planned), PUC, Circle Oaks, Berryessa, Silverado, etc,

  • Mike - Plan vs Program and how we’re looking at the valley. Need to maintain work once it’s done. WRAP vs CWPP, culture shift from project to forever working on it.

  • Christopher - Dodd Funds and how we spent them.

  • Christopher - Other sources of funds and how we spend them. The need for community funds to support effort, esp since Measure L didn’t pass.

  • JC - What can individuals do to their properties? What can they do as a larger community and why that matters? Share what Silverado, Mt Veeder, etc are doing as communities.

  • Shari - What’s an FSC and how and why to you get involved?

  • Piper - D-space and Address Sign Projects.

elaine Elaine Honig Founder STUDIO 4Forty 707-479-2055



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