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Fireman Firesafe Walkaround at the Tucker Farm Center

Updated: May 17

EVENT UPDATE: Timing is now 2:30pm-4pm, Sunday May 19th

"Fire engines and a fireman led defensible space consultation of the Tucker Farm Center followed by a work party - bring your work gloves and yard tools and lend a hand to make this community treasure safer from wildfire!

4:00-5:00 - meeting and social: 

  • Quick overview of a Cal-VTP and why we are so excited about it

  • Short overview of wildfire funding available for homes/ landowners,. (I know some of this was covered in the DMFSC social- but good for those who could not attend that meeting or who have more questions - and we will keep it brief.)

  • Updates

Snacks provided - can bring wine to share for the meeting/social.

Diamond Mountain folks and especially Tucker people might want to come for the first part."



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