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Letter From Jeff Lemelin I Volunteer Battalion Chief


It has been a few weeks since the start of the Glass fire.  My heart has been heavy as I reflect on the destruction that has plagued the Diamond Mountain Community.  I never thought that after working with your fire safe council that we would actually be facing this scenario so soon.  Over the last couple weeks I have had the blessing to get to know some of you on a much more personal level.  Everyone on Diamond mountain has been affected by this fire either from experiencing a total loss of your home,  being evacuated with out power for many days,  or having your beautiful trees and landscape ravaged by this inferno.

When I went to Diamond Mountain on Monday Morning when Diamond Mountain was taking a direct hit I found myself on the top of the South Fork with a running crown fire devouring the heavy timber.  I knew at that minute that we were going to be experiencing a loss of structures and I was praying we would loose no lives.

The work this Fire Council has done and the preparation for this dreadful day saved lives.  When I went back to Diamond Mountain on Tuesday morning my goal was to assess as many homes as I could and try to prevent the loss of more structures.  During the first couple days of the Fire we had limited resources.  

I am thankful that you have invited me into your community as this gave me intimate knowledge to start getting Dozers and Engines to key locations to start working.  I consider all of you friends and hope for a time in the near future when I can see everyone face to face.


Jeff Lemelin  I  Volunteer Battalion Chief 

Sonoma County Fire District Honesty Respect Integrity 5198 Sharp Road Calistoga Ca.  94515 Cell 707-217-1914 GLASS FIRE DAY 1 TAKEN FROM SILVERADO TRAIL



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