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The Free Chipping Program Reopens for the Season!

Applications are open, and 1st day of chipping was March 25th! Weather dependent.

"The Napa County Fire Department (NCFD) provides a free chipping service to all Napa County residents who live in a designated fire hazard zone – meaning most all of rural Napa. Below is a brief description of the program and a link to sign up. The chipping program typically starts in late Spring. The intent of the program is to encourage residents to comply with defensible space requirements of both the State and County, in addition to being Fire-wise. The program is not intended for commercial activities or general land clearing.

Napa County Defensible Space Code calls for the removal of dead and dying woody surface and aerial fuels within 100 feet from structures. This requirement is intended to eliminate vegetation that would readily burn near buildings including trees, bushes, shrubs, and plants that are dead or have a lot of dead branches, leaves, or needles.  Within this Reduced Fuel Zone around structures, plant litter can’t be more than 3 inches deep on top of the soil, including leaves, needles, twigs, bark, cones, branches, grasses, low and medium shrubs, seedlings, downed logs, and wood chips.  For more information on Napa County Defensible Space Guidelines (May 2021) and more information, visit the County of Napa website."



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